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Clamshell Packaging

World trending

Clamshells packaging are a worldwide trend, where the product is displayed in 360 view

Scoville scale

The scoville scale of our hydroponic habanero ranges from 150,000 to 350,000 units

Certified Product

Our clamshell is Primus GFS certified, so this make it a high quality product

National sales

Our product is already available in supermarkets as Soriana, HEB, LEY and CHEDRAUI

Top level packaging

This clamshell packaging it's a world trend, the people who buy our habanero can see the product in a 360 view, a view that shows the quality from different angles, building major trust between customers and product. 

Bulk Packaging

Introducing our bulk packaging of specialty peppers cultivated to the highest standard of hydroponic quality. Carefully selected by our hydroponic agriculture experts, these peppers are grown to offer you the finest flavor and quality in every pepper.

Box: 8 lbs (3.6 Kg)




Available at HEB USA

Our product in more than 13 states, 76 cities and 371 stores throughout Mexico

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