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Hydroponic is good

A Mexican brand

We are a Mexican brand with the vision to be number one company in the commercialization of Specialty Peppers

Eco friendly

We are responsible with the environment, through our hydroponic crop process we can make a better world.


The hydroponic process puts us above other companies by offering a higher quality product.


We have long-term proposal to growth, our aim is to become the leaders in the Mexican market.

Leading company in sector

Who we are?

We are HyFood - Hydroponic Premium Crops, founded in December 2017, we were born with the mission to satisfy the gourmet habanero pepper market. 

For a long time of research, we realized that the supply of hydroponic habanero pepper was too limited, especially when it's a certified product produced in a greenhouse with the highest quality.

Walking into the future.

Our mission
and vision.

Our mission and vision will always be to find high quality products, as well as to help the ecosystems and offer a qualified product to the customers.

We decided to began produce habanero pepper with Hyfood brand, because greater part of the habanero production in Mexico is open-pit and often backyard (especially in Yucatan and Campeche), which results in low quality and lack of consistency.

What keep us motivated?

Our company values.


Teamwork, listen and gave great ideas to solve problems, it's our key.


Respect for ourselves, the environment and our people.


We act fast in any hard situation that means problems to our company.


Business and personal balance allow us to find and takes good choices.

Our most important value as a company?

We are a socially responsible company, our goal is to become an environmentally friendly company.


Thanks to our hydroponic process, we have the highest quality of plant nutrition through controlled environmental care.

Hydroponic system

Hydroponics is an alternative to the problem of soil degradation and contamination, this system is good to the environment.


We have at least two greenhouses of one hectare each, also we are in the process of building another from two hectares.

Primus GFS Certified

Our certification assures the standards of innocuousness and the free of pathogens, as well as verifying the quality to deliver a healthy product.

Harvest all year

Thanks to our commitment to our customers, we have annual production of our hydroponic product.

Better control

In a protected and controlled greenhouse, there is better control against pests, diseases and climatic adversities.

Eco Friendly

We don't leach excessive fertilizers into the soil, we use less water and we don't deplete the soil of nutrients.

Highest lifetime

Thanks to our advanced control in the crop and cultivation process, we ensure longer shelf life of our hydroponic product.

Diego Acosta

CEO & Founder

Fighting for the same vision

The company leaders have a great commitment with the continuous growth.

We are a group of professionals from different backgrounds, able to face each project in its totality, the philosophy of our leaders will always be to find new horizons to increase company growth.

Luis Valdez


Daniel Carlos

Packaging and logistic

Sandra Gómez


Patricio Canales


Fernanda Doriz


Roberto Lopez


valeria Guadiana


veronica Alemán

Safety and quality

Martín Salazar


Zaida Gómez


Melissa Roble


Tania Torre


Operational team

Our most valuable assets.

Nora Luna

Work supervisor

Gladis Olvera

Packaging supervisor

José Tovar

Crop supervisor

Lorena Guadalupe

Packaging supervisor

Juan Morales

Greenhouses operator

José Andrés Rivera

Greenhouses operator

Francisco Garza

Greenhouses operator

San Juanita Herevia

Packaging operator

Mercedes Roque

Greenhouses operator

Cecilia Guerra

Greenhouses operator

Yamileth López

Packaging operator

Karla Evangelista

Packaging operator

Beatriz Rivera Macías

Greenhouses operator

Liliana Bueno

Packaging operator

Filiberto Sierra Flores

Greenhouses operator

Issac Moreno Erevia

Greenhouses operator

María Peña Gzz

Greenhouses operator

Maria Rivera Macías

Greenhouses operator

Rosa Evangelista

Greenhouses operator

Paula Erebia

Operario de Invernaderos

Francisco Martínez

Greenhouses operator

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