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Hydroponic Specialty

We are different

As a company, we think about the sustainability of our product, using technology and advanced hydroponic process with many benefits for our planet earth.

Hydroponic premium

We have a certified product, produced in greenhouses with the highest quality.

We work with an entirely hydroponic process

A hydroponic crop is a crop that presides totally on soil for the cultivation of food.

Currently, we have presence in México and USA

We have customers country-wide, and we have been exporting our products to the United States for more than 3 years.

We are an environmentally friendly company

As a brand, we are committed to a positive impact on the environment.

The advantages of hydroponics in our product production.

Hydroponics seeks to repair, change and help the environment, so the human consumption can continue without harming the ecosystem and the world.

Water conservation

Hydroponic crops typically save up to 90% of water compared to traditional crops.

Different growing areas

Hydroponics doesn't require a fertile cultivation soil, so it can be grown in any space, both indoors and outdoors.

We don't use pesticide

In indoor crops, the use of pesticides can be completely avoided, also in outdoors, herbicides are eliminated.

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Irrigation system

Thanks to the automatic irrigation, hydroponics makes it unnecessary watering every day.

Highest nutritional value

Hydroponics makes it possible to produce nutritive solutions that give the plant everything it needs, when it needs it.

Fresh food and Zero-Km

Thanks to the capacities of growing in any space with hydroponic crop, food can be grown in the same place where it is consumed, this reducing the kilometers of product transportation and CO₂ emitted.

Meet our greenhouse
and hydroponic crop process

We produce hydroponic habanero pepper with organic substrate.
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We produce hydroponic habanero pepper with organic substrate.

The irrigation system, dosage and control of nutrition parameters is established under the Priva Office Compact CC software, offering the highest security and reliability of dosage.


We take care daily that the levels of nutritive solution and ph are ideal, monitoring with frequency the drainage levels of our substrate, generating balances and adjustments to optimize the water and the solution provided through our irrigation system.


In hydroponic crop, the essential first and foremost is the means of transport of nutrients, also, the water, which plays a vital role in the maintenance of the soil.


Through our fertilizer injection system, we design each of the amounts of nutrients necessary for the correct growth and development of the plants in the greenhouse.


The layout and agronomic design of our crop within the greenhouse is based on yield metrics and weekly evaluations of physiological parameters, which provide the guideline to generate different actions to be taken in order to offer quality products to the market.


Controlador de riego.

La programación temporizada de cada uno de los riegos, dosificación y control de parámetros de nutrición se establece bajo el software Priva Office Compact CC, ofreciendo la más alta certeza y confiabilidad de dosificación 2 3 4 5 principales.

Sistema hidropónico.

Cuidamos día a día, que los niveles de solución nutritiva y pH sean los ideales, monitoreando con determinada frecuencia los niveles de drenaje de nuestro sustrato, generando balances y ajustes para optimizar el agua y la solución aportada a través de nuestro sistema de riego.

Reservorio de agua limpia.

En la actividad de un cultivo hidropónico, lo esencial ante todo es el medio de transporte de los nutrientes, el agua, la cual desempeña la vital función de mantener.

Sala de fertirriego.

Diseñar cada una de las cantidades de nutrientes necesarios para el correcto crecimiento y desarrollo de las plantas en el invernadero, y su disposición dosificada tiene lugar en nuestro sistema de inyección de fertilizantes, en el cual se lleva el control diario de parámetros deseados de conductividad y pH de la solución nutritiva.

Invernadero de producción.

La programación temporizada de cada uno de los riegos, dosificación y control de parámetros de nutrición se establece bajo el software Priva Office Compact CC, ofreciendo la más alta certeza y confiabilidad de dosificación.

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