Crispy Habanero Rings

Crispy Habanero Rings

Below you will find our recipe:

Ingredients Qty
Habanero pepper 180 gr
Vegetable oil 1 cup
Garlic cloves 2 pcs 
Salt 2 tsp


  1. Cut the habaneros into rings. Set aside
  2. In a saucepan add vegetable oil, the habanero rings, and two garlic cloves to add flavor.
  3. Let the habaneros cook over low heat for 30 minutes; stirring occasionally
  4. Once the habaneros are browned, remove from heat. With a paper towel remove the excess of oil and add a little bit of salt to the habanero rings
  5. If you want the habaneros rings more crispy, place them in the air fryer or microwave for about 1 - 2 minutes.
  6. Use this crispy habanero rings as a topping with your favorite dishes!

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