Hummus with Habanero Shrimp & Ham

Hummus with Habanero Shrimp & Ham

Today we have a delicious and easy recipe to share with you: Hummus with Habanero Shrimp and Ham. And the best part? We'll use this mouth-watering hummus to make a unique and exquisite sandwich. Get ready to savor this sandwich packed with textures and delicious flavors!

Below you will find our recipe

Cooked chickpea1 ½ cup
Garlic1 small clove
Salt½ c/dta
Lime juice3 to 4 pieces
Toasted sesame½ cup
Bleached Habanero4 pieces
Olive Oil160 ml
Waterthe necessary
Olive Oil15 ml
Chopped or pureed garlic3 to 4 cloves
Camarón limpio 21/256 pieces
Smooth parsleyc/s
Olive Oil15 ml
Serrano ham2 slices
Habanero pepper2 or 3 pieces
Baguette or Rustic bread6 - 8 slices
  1. For a balanced spicy kick, blanch the habanero peppers in boiling water for a few minutes and then cool them. This process softens their intensity without losing their distinctive flavor.
  2. The day before, prepare by soaking the chickpeas. This step is crucial for achieving perfect consistency in our hummus. Just soak them in water and let them absorb moisture overnight.
  3. Cook the chickpeas in abundant water until tender, then drain them.
  4. Next, in a food processor, combine the cooked chickpeas with the habanero pepper and the other ingredients. Blend until you achieve a creamy and thick mixture.
  5. To prepare the shrimp, heat some olive oil in a pan. Add garlic and fry until it turns golden brown. Then, add fresh shrimp and sauté until they change color. Finish by adding freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley and a pinch of salt. Once done, remove the pan from the heat and allow it to cool down.
  6. To make the sandwich, start by toasting the bread. Then, spread a generous layer of hummus on the slices, followed by the prepared shrimp and ham slices. For a final touch, add some habanero slices. Your sandwich is now ready to be enjoyed!

Servings: 6 to 8 servings

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